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Those in search of a holistic medicine fertility specialist who can help you take control of you body and master issues that have prevented you from conceiving including irregular periods, endometriosis, POR (Poor Ovarian Reserve), advanced maternal age, or another impediment can rely on the Fertility Whisperer™ for a holistic approach proven effective by many of my patients' success.

Holistic treatment is an itinerary; many women today choose a more natural approach centered on balancing every system in the body, restoring fertility, and improving well-being. Through holistic medicine, proper nutrition, enhancing emotional health, acupressure, yoga, and even acupuncture, you can significantly increase fertility whether your hope is to conceive naturally, or through the help of a holistic medicine fertility specialist.

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Hello, I am Dr. Shasta Ericson!

My name is Dr. Shasta Ericson. I am a 25-year licensed doctor of acupuncture and herbal medicine and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach by Spencer Institute, who also practices natural functional medicine and nutrition, as featured on WebMD. I have had the privilege to help many people expand their loving families naturally or in conjunction with assisted reproductive therapies. My very first practice patient (over 30 years ago while I was studying acupuncture) was a 42-year-old woman who had been unable to have a baby. Within three months, she conceived naturally and had a healthy baby girl.


Yes, I specialize in infertility. However, I have 35 years of working as a General Practitioner of “Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine” & “Natural Functional Medicine” so I can treat nearly everything from internal medicine (Digestive Health, Autoimmune, All Women’s Health, Respiratory Issues, and Neurological Issues (including Bell’s Palsy, Shingles, M.S.). Given my specialty in infertility, I have an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience in Anti-Aging, turning back the clock both internal (hormonal balancing, weight loss, and management, Athletic recovery and endurance ) and external (Micro Needling, Cosmetic Acupuncture). It is my passion to help people have lives they love, their dreams come true, and have a body that supports this. Thank you, Dr. Shasta

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Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results


Start Improving Your Health Naturally Now.

The Fertility Whisper

Fertility is natural. Trust nature.
Photo of happy baby with quote Look for opportunities to trust nature!

The moment we choose to trust nature is the moment we start to create the environment for being fertile and having a healthy baby. Just imagine a blade of grass. It's cut to the ground. The grass grows back even stronger when it has all the right nutrients in the soil. Imagine a tree with broken branches and how it must coexist with many other trees around it. The tree’s roots are what deliver it's strength. That is determined by the environment, the soil, the sun, the water, can be impacted by any poisons around it. We are like the tree when well-nourished, our roots produce healthy eggs and healthy sperm, uterus lining, and hormonal balance. This is the amazing miraculous symphony of nature creating the rhythms of life. Fertility! Nature does not reproduce in an unsafe environment. If there are outside or inside factors making us feel unsafe or unwell, the eggs and sperm won't grow well. To unleash our own natural fertility is to unleash the essence of life itself in all areas of our lives! The joy of living a fully alive life in a healthy, vibrant body is the greatest wealth a human can have and it's all an inside job.

Photo of happy baby with quote Look for opportunities to trust nature!

We will go through the essence, the inside lessons that have been learned from the patterns in nature, of how nature naturally reproduces itself, and map them on to our own lives. The intention is that you will have an increased sense of self-love, self-nourishment, and expand your loving family no matter what. Being on this incredible journey is one of the hardest things. There's no greater longing than to have a baby and when it's not here, the emotions of abandonment, of feeling unfulfilled, of desperation, can be hard to deal with. • The anger is so raw, and someday you may feel that all those feelings have been the greatest blessing for you as they are encouraging you to go on to the most amazing journey, a Spiritual inquiry to find you. Just you.

It all starts with being open to seeing ourselves as a manifestation of nature.

Become an Incubator: Trust Nature — Fertility is Natural

Some Tips to Get Pregnant Naturally

  • Decrease or eliminate sugars and refined, processed, and inorganic food
  • Increase healthy fats and sulfur/fermented foods
  • Increase sunlight exposure
  • Increase our oxygen and circulation with healthy, non-stressful exercises including meditation
  • Listen to our bodies and increase our gratefulness for the opportunity to re-balance our mind, body, and spirit.

Fertility Success Stories

Dr. Shasta Ericson baby results
Baby photo from Nitu's fertility successThanks Dr. Shasta for your help during my journey!

Thanks Dr. Shasta for your help during my journey on fertility. I would like to give 5+ star to Dr. Shasta, she is incredibly good in giving specialized fertility acupuncture and massage. I tried many acupuncture clinics before coming to Dr. Shasta but got success with in 3 months of effective treatment by Dr. Shasta. She is very helpful & compassionate about her work and had always given me great tips/ advice on how lifestyle and eating habits. I am grateful to her timely help and treatment. Thanks again!!

— Nitu B.

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Whether you are trying to control your weight, recover from an illness, or simply looking for a way to feel better overall, this is the book for you! Kitchari is a medicinal cleansing soup from India, which is used both for healing the sick and optimizing health for yogis in their path toward enlightenment. Kitchari is at the core of Ayurvedic nutritional healing as an anti-inflammatory, slow-burning, complex carbohydrate and plant-based protein porridge; it’s easy to make and easy to digest. And with fragrant herbs and rich ghee, kitchari is an appealing and delicious dish.