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Thank you so much Dr Shasta for your kindness, responsiveness and caring attitude.

Dr Shasta is amazing as she brings positive energy and hope for all moms-to-be. We had been trying for a while and within my first few sessions with her, we were able to conceive. I feel like she has magic in what she does and we are forever grateful to her.

Thank you so much Dr Shasta for your kindness, responsiveness and caring attitude. It truly reflects in the person you are and the practice you have built to genuinely help people in their fertility journey. I love that you still reach out to see how I'm doing and genuinely take interest in my life and wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr Shasta!! She is just simply amazing !

— Amrita K.

Dr. Shasta is a miracle worker.

I came to her about a year ago as my husband and I were trying to conceive. She guided me on better nutrition, which also helped me lose weight. We had a few failed iui, Dr. Shasta continued to support as we prepared for IVF and we were able to harvest healthy embryos and conceive on our first try.

I am very grateful to have met her. I manifested on Dr. Shasta's constant mantra "fertility is natural". Each journey is unique, have patience and don't lose hope.

— K C.

Dr Shastas work is magic!

UPDATE APRIL 3rd 2023: After 2+ years, 4 IVF egg retrievals, 2 rounds of IUI, a miscarriage, a chemical pregnancy, hysteroscopy, HSG procedure, saline sonogram, an MRI, hundreds of shots and the amazing help of Dr Shasta... our miracle baby is finally on the way! I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our healthy baby girl and I know its all because of Dr Shasta!! We are over the moon!

I came to see her before my fourth IVF retrieval and third transfer and I became pregnant within 3 months of seeing her! We can't thank her enough, I wish I found her sooner into our infertility journey!

OCTOBER 20th, 2022: I've been dealing with infertility for over 2 years and before coming to her I was getting weekly acupuncture and had already been through 3 IVF retrievals and two failed transfers (one was a miscarriage at 9 weeks and the other was a chemical pregnancy). This road has been rough for my husband and I and I knew I needed to change something up and had a gut feeling a new acupuncturist was the key. I did research and picked Dr Shasta based on her yelp reviews. I have been going to her for about 6-7 weeks thus far and she has been helping me detox my body before my fourth IVF retrieval (I have been under anesthesia about 6 times in a year). I have learned so much from her and my body has never felt more amazing! I just got the results from my IVF retrieval and we have 5 embryos that are being sent for PGT testing!!! My husband and I are over the moon, this is our best round so far and I owe it all to Dr Shasta! :)

I'm excited to continue my detox schedule with her so we can prepare for my transfer in December! I see the light at the end of my dark journey and have high hopes this third transfer will work for my husband and I bc of Dr Shasta.

She is so kind, shows empathy for your situation and tailors her resources for each person. She is a miracle worker and I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Going to her was the best decision I have ever done and wish I found her sooner!

— K C.

So after two years of infertility... IM PREGNANT!

The day I conceived was the day that I went in to receive treatment from Dr.Shasta.

I am still in shock that I am currently three months pregnant and I am just so grateful.

She is a miracle worker! Like God totally and undoubtedly uses her. She's such a bright, genuine, kind spirit. I am eternally grateful.

— A. S.

Thank you Shasta for assisting me on my journey. I'm so grateful to have found you!

I found out about the benefits of acupuncture for fertility from my IVF clinic. I have a genetic condition (Rob's balanced translocation), which manifests as recurrent pregnancy loss, and I had three miscarriages. After four difficult IVF sessions, I still did not have any luck conceiving. I thought of giving acupuncture a try while I was on a break from IVF, and that's when my online research pointed me to Shasta's practice.

Shasta was very easy to talk to, during my first session where I had to fill in some intake forms with my history. She gave a lot of reading material on ways to improve fertility. There are so many photos of her clients in her clinic that have had success after acupuncture and that gave me a lot of hope. Her sessions are always relaxing, and she definitely has a lot of knowledge and experience with fertility related acupuncture treatments.

I took treatments from Shasta for 2-3 months and took a break for the holidays in December. I was also taking supplements like pre-natal vitamins, DHA, PQQ along with acupuncture, and was exercising regularly.

The new year brought us the good news that we had conceived! It was indeed a miracle since we had been trying for almost 3.5 years and had given up hopes. There is so much more research now, than before, on the benefits of acupuncture on male and female fertility. Listen to this episode on Huberman Lab Podcast to get more details:…

I highly recommend her practice for fertility/conception related treatments. Keep the faith and don't lose hope!

— Archana

I want to share the incredible news that I'm pregnant! ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I believe God has used you, your hands, mind, and talents to enable so many women to expand their families, including mine. I still cannot believe the news and you've changed my mind and skepticism about TCM. You are truly a miracle maker and I'm privileged to have you as my doctor. Bless you, Dr. Shasta!

— Diana

Highly recommend! Dr. Shasta is an amazing miracle maker! ...

When I decided to visit Dr.Shasta's acupuncture, I knew almost nothing about acupuncture. All I wanted was to have a baby and my doctor (OBGYN) told me I should consider IVF due to my PCOS. My cycle is usually every 3 months and I knew it was so unhealthy but I didn't know what to do. Before I move on to IVF, I wanted to try it as naturally as possible because I was really afraid of using chemicals. To be honest, Dr. Shasta's Yelp reviews look too good to be true but I decided to take a chance. She's passionate about fertility and I feel great after each session. She always encourages me and shares her knowledge every time when I'm there. After our first consultation, I changed my diet and started to cook her recipe at home regularly. Right before my fourth session, I found out that I'm pregnant! Couldn't believe it at first because I didn't expect it to happen so quickly but now I'm at 26 weeks of pregnancy!!! I don't usually write reviews, but I just wanted to share my experience. Thank you for helping us to make our family, Dr. Shasta! Looking forward to seeing you in my next session soon.

— Mei T.

I’m pregnant! I’m in 16 weeks of pregnancy...

Hi, I’m Emi. I took your session in December 7th 2021 for the last time because we had to move to San Diego at the end of last year. Actually, now I’m pregnant! I’m in 16 weeks of pregnancy and received the NIPT results and baby is all good!And it’s a girl! I was so busy and tired after moving so I couldn’t cook kitchari, I couldn’t do Qi yoga and even I couldn’t think about ovulation … but my husband kept continuing to take Fertility Whisperer- Emperor. I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me. Actually I had Reiki master degree but I didn’t use it for long time since 6years ago it was when last time I got pregnant. You reminded me that how important Qi energy, meditation, eating healthy food,relaxing and believing my self (my baby) is. I really appreciate you. Still sometimes I feel anxiety until I see my healthy baby girl in person but I really wanted to say thank you. Thank you Dr Shasta. Miracle is happening as you told me it happens. Thank you.

— Elena P.

I've been going to Shasta for 8 years on and off for acupuncture for fertility.

She is great to talk to because she is helpful, understanding and always positive. I did acupunture twice a week for about 3 months and i became pregnant at 34 and again and 42 with 2 healthy babies! She is a miracle worker and a blessing. I highly recommend Way of Wellness to anyone who is looking to get pregnant.

— Elena P.

Shasta has been wonderful to work with.
Lisa's success story

"She is very caring and compassionate and she listened to all my worries and issues. My husband and i were trying to conceive for months before we found our way to Shasta. Shasta and i worked out a plan to become as healthy as possible. We worked on diet, Supplements and my stress. within no time i was pregnant and i am currently 30 weeks along. I truly believe she helped us grow our family."

— Lisa

Dr. Shasta is fantastic!
Nitu's fertility success story and photo of her baby

My wife and I consulted with Dr. Shasta after we struggled to conceive for a little over a year. We already ate very healthy diets and supplemented appropriately with vitamins/minerals. We felt puzzled and extremely disappointed since having children was so important to both of us. Finally, we did some research and heard good things about acupuncture and fertility.

The treatment was or my wife, but I was part of the overall process, and had to write this review!

When we first visited Dr. Shasta, we weren’t sure what to expect. She was so kind and seemed confident that she could help us. We appreciated her thorough intake and assessment of our individual situation. Flash forward just one month, six acupuncture sessions, and two weeks of Chinese herbs later and my wife and I conceived our first child! Today, out baby is 32 weeks along and my wife’s pregnancy is going great. We are so incredibly grateful to Dr. Shasta for her life-changing work!

Like I mentioned, the treatment was for my wife, but I was part of the overall process, and had to write this review!

I highly recommend anyone who has been struggling with getting pregnant to try Dr. Shasta’s acupuncture and herbal protocol.

— Andrew

Thanks Dr. Shasta for your help during my journey!
Nitu's fertility success story and photo of her baby

Thanks Dr. Shasta for your help during my journey on fertility. I would like to give 5+ star to Dr. Shasta, she is incredibly good in giving specialized fertility acupuncture and massage. I tried many acupuncture clinics before coming to Dr. Shasta but got success with in 3 months of effective treatment by Dr. Shasta. She is very helpful & compassionate about her work and had always given me great tips/ advice on how lifestyle and eating habits. I am grateful to her timely help and treatment. Thanks again!!

— Nitu B.

Infertility guru!
Brittney's fertility success story and photo of her baby

Infertility guru! We were so blessed to have found Dr. Shasta! we were working with fertility specialist and told us that we would never be able to conceive naturally, and would have use IVF. We chose not to accept this and in research found Dr. Shasta and thank god we did. She worked with me using acupuncture to clear the lines and help. Words can not express the thanks we have for all of her help. Without her we would be thinking we had no other choice.

— Brittney G.

Now I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl!
Yvonne's fertility success story and photo of her baby

Dr. Shasta has helped me fight morning sickness during my pregnancy. Her acupuncture treatment makes me feel calm and relax. I have more energy than before. Now I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Thank you Shasta for all your help.

— Yvonne Q.

I now have a 14 month old beautiful girl!
Garnet's fertility success story and photo of her baby

I have been seeing Shasta since 2011! I was referred to her by a friend as I was about to start IVF for the first time. I have to say that she knew I was pregnant before anyone else did, and her acupuncture was the only thing to help with my nausea. I now have a 14 month old beautiful girl. I have since gone to her for carpel tunnel and will be seeing her some more as we attempt another IVF cycle. Shasta is good people and you will be in good hands with her.

— Garnet G.

Dr. Shasta is a miracle worker!
Madison's fertility success story and photo of her baby

Dr. Shasta is a miracle worker! We have been trying for some time on our own and were able to get pregnant after just six weeks of treatment! Plus, her sessions are so calming and relaxing it feels it feels like you’re getting a massage. If you’re waiting for a sign to giving her a call, this is it!

— Madison A.

I have no words to thank her!
Ruby's fertility success story and photo of her baby

After four miscarriages at age 38 I went to Shasta for fertility issues. She advised a kitchari and fertility program, amazing results within three weeks I lost 13 pounds and I conceived within three weeks and had a healthy baby girl who was born at 37 weeks and weighed 9 lbs. very healthy baby. Then at age 40 with a very low AMH and while doctors were telling me I couldn’t conceive naturally, I came back and conceived my second child with Dr. Shasta. All the credit goes to Shasta, her treatment she has magic in her fingers she filled my life with joy and filled the empty space in my life. I have no words to thank her.

— Ruby

Dr. Shasta is incredible and the most knowledgeable!
Leanne's fertility success story and photo of her baby

Dr. Shasta is incredible and the most knowledgeable acupuncturist I’ve seen before. I came to Dr. Shasta primarily for fertility, but also for weight loss- her two specialties! The initial consultation I left with a plan and action items to finally help me loose weight and get pregnant. After 5 weeks of seeing her 3X a week (she recommended that the first 3 months), I can say I feel the best I ever had. I followed her dietary suggestions and lost 20 pounds in the 5 weeks since I started seeing her. I’m much calmer and less stressed. I finally feel like I’m on the right path to getting my body healthy for a baby. She truly cares about her patients and she’s very invested, something I’ve never gotten from anyone else. I love coming to see her and hoping for a positive pregnancy test soon! My insurance does not cover her services (she does not accept FSA though), but I really believe the investment in my health and future is worth what she is able to help me with.

— Leanne F.

I love seeing Shasta!
Vivian's fertility success story and photo of her baby

I have been going to Shasta for over a year and she is the best! Everyone ein her office is always very sweet and gets you into a room right away. Shasta makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed while you are there and will always answer all your questions. Her sessions are always super relaxing after a long day at work!! She accepts most insurance and has great packages as well if you don’t have insurance coverage. Her rooms have relaxing music, blankets, and pillows. I love seeing Shasta!

— Vivian J.

I had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to my son!
Tina's fertility success story and photo of her baby

So, this is coming from someone who hated needles and is very far from earthly, holistic stuff. I was married at 38 and yearned to be a mom. Due to my age, things were difficult. After a certain age, you do not have that many viable eggs left. I started doing research and asking lots of people about their experiences and what not, I really wanted a child of my own. I kept hearing that acupuncture would help, but I was skeptical. I spoke to a friend who was also an older mom about her experiences, and she told me about Shasta. This sounded like someone I could handle and that was not all hippy (not that it would be a bad thing) but just not my cup of tea. I called to make an appointment and left a message with what I wanted and needed. She called me the next day and was very friendly, caring, and explained a lot. I went in and was happy to find a beautiful woman who was welcoming and understood my concerns and fears and wanted nothing more than to make me feel comfortable and assure me she was here to help. I had not had success getting pregnant on my own before this. After we talked and I found out that I could get this covered by my insurance for a number of visits, we started a plan. She gave me suggestions on my diet, exercise, and supplements to help me conceive. I did it all I became pregnant right away. I was shocked and amazed. Now here is the reality of life, I did miscarry. I actually got pregnant 7 times and miscarried 7 times, but the fact was now getting pregnant often and quickly with these treatments. Shasta even helped me during my miscarriages to help me recover but to subside bleeding and other pains. She also was a great confidant, she really and truly cares about her patients and cried with me many times with me many, many times. I know you many read this and think, but you miscarried 7 times. I do not look at it that way, I got pregnant 7 times and had not gotten pregnant once doing without Shasta’s help. I changed my mind about holistic healing for sure, although I still do not want an overly earthly person. I think the advice she gave me, the diet I went on, the supplements, her nurturing personality, and of course the acupuncture is why I became so successful. I am happy to say that a month after my 7th miscarriage that I conceived again. I of course was scared, shocked, and so happy! If you look at the photos on this Yelp site, you will see a photo of Shasta, me (long dark hair and purple shirt), and my son in the baby carrier. I had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to my son when I was 43 years old. I conceived naturally, no drugs, no IVF/IUI, and I know that Shasta was a huge part of my success. I highly recommend shasta for all her services. She continues to be a bright light in my life and can never thank her enough for everything she did for us. My sin is now 18-month-old, sorry it took so long to write the review but being a new mommy is a busy life. So, if you have fertility issues please consider Shasta’s services. I also know she helped with back pain, sinus, and lots more. Thanks for all your help, you are more than our acupuncturist… you are our friend!

— Tina G.

Thank you Shasta for being a part of our dream come true!
Lisa's fertility success story and photo of her baby

Dr Shasta Ericson was a blessing to have during a time of unknown uncertainties. She was the calming force that helped in this little girl come about. Thank you Shasta for being a part of our dream come true!

— Lisa M.

Anyone who comes here won't leave disappointed!

Prior to having my daughter, I worked with Shasta for almost one year. She was and is an extremely dedicated professional, kind, courteous, and an expert in her field. At the time, I had no idea whether my efforts would be successful or lead anywhere, but today I believe those sessions helped complete my family. Way of Wellness is the go to place in the Bay Area for health and wellness. I also bought Shasta's tincture, videos, and supplements. I was hopeful, but also made sincere efforts and went almost every week. The affordable packages are budget friendly and well worth the dollar. For couples who are trying, I would offer my thorough recommendation. With the right people to support you and the correct healthcare, I truly believe it can happen. One additional caveat: you can trust Shasta's services to be of the highest caliber. She works hard - there were several occasions where I wanted to schedule an appointment but changed to another day because she was engaged with a professional development seminar or some type of educational workshop. I also spoke to two other offices before deciding to work with Way of Wellness. Anyone who comes here won't leave disappointed.

— Shilpa A.

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